Eight Pillars for Success at Work and Home


We experience the quality of our lives through the quality of our relationships.

Our relationships are ALL happier and more satisfying when we treat them as partnerships

We all have partners

  • Partners in Life.
  • Partners at Work.
  • Partners in the Marketplace.

The Eight Pillars for Successful Partnerships at Work and Home
Building a Foundation of Trust

These pillars build trust. They are based in trust. Trust is the most valuable currency in all relationships. Crack the Partnership Code. Build trust. Here’s how…

Stephen Garber

Stephen Garber, President of Third LEVEL is a seasoned expert on change management, relationship building and quality of life issues. He is a well known international executive coach, mediator, trainer and public speaker. Stephen Garber coaches individuals, teams and organizations to replace conflict and dysfunction with effective communication and functional relationships, causing increased profitability and productivity.tv